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“Beaver Market” is an online marketplace created in 2019 under “City Pulse” rights, a media and advertisement independent entity. Registered in Ontario, Canada in 2018.

This website hosts sellers/stores as vendors to place their products for sale to final customers and may provide shipping services for customer satisfaction.

Each seller will be introduced as the special seller of the product under price bar in each product page.

Beaver Market is composed of it’s main marketplace, an online Media Shop, and a Vehicle Dealers website which provides the customers a specialized market and gives them access to online purchasing services, an up to date purchase service for better and focused response to customer needs and serves their time and budget with providing them online developed services that helps them to find more shopping opportunities by connecting them to worldwide and local products at the time in their best convenience to purchase from their location.

Beaver Market, carrying the Canadian Trade Symbol, beaver, in it’s unique domain, works from Toronto, Ontario and is in it’s early development stages.

“Beaver Market” is named after Canadian Trade and Cultural Symbol of ‘beaver’.

Beaver is a semi-aquatic animal that have had significant influence in economic growth and development of Canadian country in past thousand years.

Beavers are animals who like to build dams and canals under water, mammals who are interested in swimming. Their homes are made of logs so they are known as hardworking animals for chewing and carrying the logs. They may cause powerful flood coming out of their dams if they work in colonies.

Their population in North America has been 60 millions before it dropped to 6-12 millions after they were extremely hunted for fur trade.  

Today the importance of the fur trade has diminished because of contribution of man-made products which are a better substitute for animal fur and could successfully save humans from natural fur negative effects such as asthma and skin reactions, undesired smell and other problems along with saving those animals that became endangered by human hunting.

Hunting beavers for fur trade once started by first nations in North America. They stamped their agreements with other colonies by ‘beaver sign’ as the symbol of their nation and trade.

Trading beaver fur was developing so that by 1580s, beaver “wool” was the major material of popular French pelt hats. 

 In 1850, 3-pence stamp was designed with the beaver picture in the middle of it. Postagestamp website wrote that:

“The first postage stamps issue by the Province of Canada featured the beaver on the 3-pence stamp, H.R.H. Albert, the Prince Consort on the 6-pence denomination, and Her Majesty Queen Victoria on the 12-pence stamp.

The 3-pence denomination featuring a beaver building a dam was symbolic of the people in the young country of Canada building their towns, cities, and communities. The secondary purpose of choosing the beaver centred in the original meaning of the beaver skin; it represented a medium of exchange in trade.”

In 1937 beaver was depicted on nickels in Canada and remained on the other side of the coin which carries the image of Queen Elizabeth II now.                        

In March 24,1975 ‘beaver’ has received royal assent to become an official emblem of sovereignty in Canada because of it’s significant contributes to Canadian trades.


Image result for saskatchewan coat of arms

Beaver symbol has been a part of Canadian identity in the Coat of Arms (Arms of Canada) between other symbols such as the four founding nations of Canada: the three royal lions of England, the royal lion of Scotland, the royal fleur-de-lis of France, and the royal Irish harp of Tara; the lion of England and the unicorn of Scotland; the floral emblems of the four founding nations: the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the French fleur-de-lis, and the Irish shamrock and the Royal Crown at the top.


Single beaver behind the shield is symbol of Canadian nation in Parliament Hill

Beaver is one of the Canadian symbol in this statue in Parliament Hill, Ottawa, the place of democratic government of Canada.

‘Beaver’ is  one of the symbols of many provinces and cities and is a part of logo of many universities, companies and entities such as Toronto City, Hudson’s Bay Company and others. 

                 “Beaver Market”


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