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Beaver Market” Terms and Conditions:




Beaver Market is an online marketplace that works with rights and responsibilities of trades and businesses under legal name of “City Pulse” in Canada and follows the rules and laws under it’s presence.

Beaver Market” is a trade website of “City Pulse”, a real legal entity. Therefore your bills, invoices, shipping labels or other receipts you may receive in trade with “Beaver Market” may carry the trademark of “City Pulse” as it’s real legal entity rights holder.  

Our entity has registered in 2018 in Ontario, Canada, after legal steps and search-name took place for it and from that time has been it’s sole and mere business name holder in Canada with complete documents for it’s business claim. “City Pulse” hasn’t had any allies or partners by now.

The website is composed of 3 main domains and 6 sub-domains to publish “City Pulse“, a free news-magazine, and operates “Beaver Market“.

Beaver Market” is an advertisement and marketing website that may host seller’s products and services.


                           LAWS AND RULES COMPLIANCE POLICY

1- “Beaver Market”, works from Toronto, Ontario in Canada and is free of legal restrictions and laws of other countries and territories, unless while in trade with them.

a)-If you are a “City Pulse” representative, individual, business or party in trade with us, you must enter the trade with respect in laws and rules of that country or territory of your presence or online trade zone act.

 b)-You must comply with and follow the international, country and territory of trade zone laws and rules in respect of 

I)- International Law and Rules

II)- Trade and Business Law and Rules of Trade Zone

III)- Human Law and Rules

IV)- Individual Freedoms and Safety Rights and Respects

V)- City Pulse Rules and Policies

VI)- Internet Rules and Laws and Safety

You may not breach with any of your limits or any laws and rules of our websites or the other’s safety and rights during your usage and connection with Beaver Market or City Pulse websites. 



c)- You may not breach or abuse any connection while interacting with us or during your online connections in respect of individual rights by interfering, hacking, infringing, violating or any unacceptable usage limit violation.

You may not enter, publish, download, trade or distribute any materials that are included in whole or are a part of:

I)- Against Humanity And Human Rights

II)- Harmful To The Others Or Society

III)- Include Any Type Of Pornography 

IV)- Illegal Or Harmful Products Such As:

  • Illegal Drugs
  • Any Type of Explosive Products Ignoring Their Usage
  • Living Things
  • Explicit Sexual Images, Videos or Contents
  •  Note: Buyers of any of pharmacologic products (medicine) must have prescription, unless it is an over counter product.

V)- “City Pulse” Restricts Any Type of Living Thing Trades And Deals Including Animals. So you may be sued or blocked in case of selling or purchasing living things in our websites.

VI)- Infringement Any Person Copy Right Or Property Right

VII)- Malware, Spyware, Or  any other Computer Software Or Programs That Could Attack The Systems and Be Used As A Tool For Infringing, Identifying Or Information Theft And Abuse, Interfering Or Blocking The Others’ Usage And Safety Connections Out of Law And Limits.


                       RESTRICTIONS FOR MINORS

2- a) You need to be in legal age of trade under the provincial or territory law of your presence to be able to buy or sell any products in any of Beaver Market Websites. You may still sell or buy our products and services accompanied and by your parents’/guardian’s account with us. 

If it isn’t along your rights to take place in any trade and deal in our websites based on age restriction trade law of your country, but you registered in place of others or attempt to trade by untruthful identity information, the law would be the just power source to take action against you out of our responsibility, though we still keep our rights to take actions or block you from any of City Pulse websites if it happens, considering our limits in control over the lines.

If you are a parent/guardian that let’s your minor to visit our websites, you need to know that minors are not allowed to register in our websites or open any account with us. 



b)- “Beaver Market” has no responsibility for misrepresentation of users and visitors during their registration process or sale steps. But still has right to take actions against the offenders in the event of an occurrence. Sellers and buyers are responsible for their trade acts, truth of information they provide us and their products and shipping information as sellers in our online marketplace, though the marketplace can not be considered as a guarantor and is not in charge of any information liability or product introduction. We take any precaution, use cookies and search sellers’ ID to prevent any problem before they enter the sale process to provide our users and visitors a safe and reliable environment.


3) Sellers/vendors must be in authorized legal position to sell the products. “Beaver Market” has no control over this action and can not be responsible for misusing the product ownership. In the case of fraud, the law is the mere source of authority that can take action against the offence and offenders.

Beaver Market has the right to place a refund in 30 days in case of any product mis-presentation with expenses of the seller who is in charge of placing the product in Beaver Market Websites.



4- a) Internet policies let the server and operators to use cookies and other possible methods for prevention of internet fraud and misuse as much as possible. So they will use and get access to your cookies during your visits or registration in our website to support your internet safety and purchases but our marketplace operators and administrations have no access to your cookies except the servers.

b)- By cookie policy, servers may get access to your IP address, computer and browser you use, your email and other information that are stored in your cookies during your connection with our sites. These information are collected and used for your internet safety and supporting your online activity and purchases for the purpose of reducing fraud and internet misuse and present you a safe, peaceful and pleasant marketplace to shop.

c)-You may need to release some information to us if you are about to pay or receive money online in order to buy or sell something in our website. We might need your contact information, address for shipping, your name, bank card numbers or other information in order to be able to process your purchases. “Beaver Market” uses PayPal as just method of payment now, so we won’t have a direct access to your bank card numbers or other banking information except your email. PayPal is the just entity in our dealing process that will get access to your banking information when you buy or sell something in our website.

“PayPal” has been a well-known and most reliable international banking company in North America in past years and trustworthy by million large and small businesses in recent years.



5-a) Sellers need to register and release their complete information before approval in order to be able to place their products for sale in “Beaver Market”.

b)- The approval is necessary to become a seller in “Beaver Market”. Placing the products in our website without an approval is an internet offence and can be sued to the court by website owner.

c)- In order to become a seller/vendor in “Beaver Market” we need to collect your ID information such as your full name, telephone number and address. If you are registering on behalf or in place of a business or a company you need to submit the company name and your job (title) and the country of presence of your company.

d)- Sellers that wish to ship their products by their own shipping services need to clear shipping costs to customers before their purchase and are responsible to ship the product on scheduled time, otherwise an amount will be added to their account as customer service charge.

e)- Sellers are responsible to remove their products or label them as “out of stock” if they are sold out, otherwise they will be charged for the price of the product or more based on our customer service policy.

f)- Beaver Market” will hold an amount in seller’s balance account as a guarantee of their service and products and they need to keep this positive balance after opening an account with us. Their balance can not be less than twice price of their product or an amount that we will determine and inform them after their approval.

Sellers’ remaining balance will be on hold but not more than a month after they would close their membership totally in our website and completely close their account with us. This amount will be held as customer’s guarantee by our customer service policy in case of a refund may apply by a customer if and after they break up with our marketplace and close their account totally.



a)- In order to sell a product or property in Beaver Market you must be in legal age and has a complete authority and permission to do so. Also you need to fill product submission form or email us the information where is needed such as your name, email and product information such as description and image. 

b)- You are responsible for shipping or pick up the product and address information. If you fail to ship the product on time, or the pick up address or any other information is not correct the product will be refunded and you will be responsible for recompense of extra charges as our customer service policy.  

c)- Beaver Market has right to cancel or refund some products in some cases without any extra charges but you will be responsible for whole refund fee and recompense. 



Transferring money over 1000 CAD to Beaver Market representatives or receiving the amount can not be placed directly in our website unless with supportive real paper exchanges or other supportive documents or witnesses. But sellers may receive any amount directly from the customers if they provide their own banking or PayPal information.

(A copy of supportive methods will be kept by our lawyer/witness)



6-a) Beaver Market accepts advertisements and sellers or others may decide to use advertisement boxes instead of registering as a seller or along with it. Except us no one is allowed to publish advertisements in our websites. It is against our policy to let the sellers to advertise their products by themselves in our sites.

b)- To advertise your product in our website you need to submit your advertisement request form, found in the footer of our websites, or send us email or fax.

c)- Advertisement banner or box images and designs can be sent by you or be created by us with an extra charge.

d)- Advertisement banner area and boxes may have different prices and costs based on the box size and location in our website.



a)- “Beaver Market” is a recent published website and does not have delivery or shipping services now until we announce.

Goods will be delivered by the sellers, themselves for now.

b)- “Beaver Market” will refund the whole purchase price if the product is not delivered in a week after shipping date.

c)- We may use regular shipping methods which are more expensive than what sellers may provide themselves if they are in the country of buyer.



 Customers are responsible for full payment before their purchase and they will receive full refund if the product would not be received in a week after shipping deadline.

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