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“You may use instant contact bar at the bottom of website to contact quickly and directly from your cellphone or if you have the same apps installed on your contacting device, just by clicking on icons inside the bar.”

You may call or text us : +1) 6476697672 directly or by “viber”, free telephone and messaging system, if you connect your phone to internet and have an account (just sign up free) with “viber” to avoid long distance phone-call costs. Your call will be returned in three business days if is not answered at the moment.

Fax Number : +1) 4163525999 

Canada International Fax and Call Prefix is: 011 or 001

Telephone calls may be answered directly or with a call back, just during open business hours based on Canadian time zone after we announce our call center is activated in website. But you may always text or leave us a voice-mail 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

You may send us electronic mails to different addresses, up to your connection type and needs. Customers of our e-market, including Beaver Market , Media Shop and Link Shop , may email to below ID for any problem, information or question , complain(click here) or if they couldn’t submit their inquiry by form , available in footer area,

Vendors or Store registrants with or Media Shop may register(click here) directly or contact us by email in below line for further assistance or questions.

Vendors must email to , before registration or to , after registration.

To sell your products , new or used, without registering as a seller/vendor (click here) , you’d better submit your product directly by form(click here).

or email us in case of interruption or for further assistance to :

To sell your vehicle in Beaver Market , you may email to

To place your advertisement in any part of our website or for marketing service, you can email to:


For property sale or purchase in future you may email to:

“Please note that for transferring money over 1000 CAD, in any of Beaver Market websites, you need extra in person or fax agreements and documents (the guidance of documents is held by witness or lawyers).



 We appreciate your business.

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